The Journey to become the King of the North

December 14, 2016

Often when we come to a crossroad between friendship and happiness, we question ourselves about the future. 

When Carter Mason’s childhood friends turned their backs on him because he didn’t fall back as their minion, he questioned wether or not he can survive in the world of professional wrestling by himself. 

In 2015, Carter Mason joined the Lucha Crew with the hopes of starting his career over again from scratch. With nothing promised to him other than an opportunity, Carter Mason started his career by winning a, impromptu Scramble match. 

While he started his career off with a victory, Carter Mason cemented his name as a permanent Lucha Crew member by surviving a brutal war against Pinkie Sanchez. 

El Presidente took Carter Mason to his absolute limit. Crew members were terrified for Carter Mason’s health – watching him get dropped over and over again yet never staying down. This would describe Mason’s career. 

The following month in a shocking surprise, Carter Mason won the Copa de Extrema Tournament outlasting wrestlers like The Fraternity’s Trent Gibson & Channing Decker, Gabriel Fuerza, Vaughn Vertigo, Alexia Nicole, Aiden Rayne and more. 

The prize for winning the Tournament was entry into a 4-Way Scramble to crown a brand new Premier Champion, a title which was vacated after the past champion could not properly defend it. In another shocking upset, Carter Mason pinned Sebastian Suave and became the brand new Champion. 

Unfortunately, his Championship celebration was cut short when Will White’s alter-ego, Bill Black, showed his face and crushed the new Champ. 

For months, Carter Mason battled Will White over the Premier Championship. During this war, Mason’s face was burnt and a 2/3 Falls Hardcore Battle was set to settle the score. 

To no surprise, the 2/3 Falls Hardcore match was painfully brutal. Both guys hit each other with whatever they could get their hands on. In the end, The Veil attacked Will White and helped Carter Mason retain the Championship. These events forced Will White into early retirement and he was never seen again. 

In November 2016, Carter Mason celebrated his 1 year reign as Premier Championship and dubbed himself as the King of the North. At the time, he was the only Ontario wrestler who help 3 different Championships at the same time. 

While November was a milestone for the King of the North, it was also a major career blow. Carter Mason defended his championship in a Deadly 7 Scramble and lost the title to Amasis without being pinned. 

The tragic loss sent Mason over the edge. He went on a rampage of texts, e-mails, dms, calls to Lucha in the 6 match-makers demanding a re-match. This resulted in a solution that can very well change how people look at Carter Mason forever. 

Pro Wrestling’s Goodwill Ambassador, Marcus Marquez, announced during a Very Deathproof Christmas that Carter Mason will get an opportunity to get a re-match at Carnaval de Lucha. 

The King of the North goes head-to-head with The Death Machine, Sami Callihan, for the #1 Contendership. 

Online, the outpour is that Sami Callihan will kill Carter Mason but looking back at his career in Lucha in the 6, we know that no matter how hard you try – you cannot kill the King of the North. 


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