Why Alexander vs Pratt is the biggest Match of 2017

January 17, 2017

It was 4 years ago at Squared Circle LIVE!’s “REDEMPTION”, where Josh Alexander defeated the then Premier Champion, Pepper Parks, to win the Championship. At the time the Walking Weapon held every significant Championship in Ontario simultaneously. Since then, nobody has been able to hold 5 Championships at a time.


Josh Alexander went onto defending the Premier Championship against men like Michael Elgin, Christopher Bishop, Pepper Parks, Tyson Dux and others. His defenses were bloody, jaw-dropping,  and show stealing. There wasn’t one fan in attendance who watched a Walking Weapon title defense and questioned if he was a proper Champion.


Throughout his many defenses Josh Alexander was forced to vacate the Championship due to a career threatening neck injury. While taking some time off to recover, an Interim Premier Championship was announced and fought over between current ROH Champion: Adam Cole and Jimmy Korderas’ henchman. It wasn’t long until Josh Alexander reclaimed the Premier Championship in a 2/3 Falls Match at “Premier Showcase”.


Unfortunately, Josh Alexander fell to another injury, forcing to vacate the Premier Championship for a second time at the “Adrenaline Cup” before his title defense against Louis Lyndon.


Since vacating the Championship, Josh Alexander announced his career retirement, he’s been inactive until 2016 where he made his in-ring return. Upon returning the Walking Weapon promised to become the next big thing in pro wrestling.


Late 2016, Lucha in the 6 ended their year by crowning a brand new Premier Championship when Amasis defeated Jason Kincaid, Carter Mason, Vaughn Vertigo, Freddie Mercurio, Space Monkey and Qefka the Quiet in a show-stealing Deadly 7 Scramble ending Carter Mason’s year long reign. The longest Premier Championship reign in history.


Moments after his Championship win, Amasis was attached by 3 men in Clown masks, one who revealed himself to be John Greed. The returning Lucha Killer vowed to take out Amasis at Carnaval de Lucha but the LIT6 Ambassador had other plans. Due to John Greed’s unprovoked attack, he was denied from his Championship match request. Instead, the LIT6 Ambassador decided to open the doors to any past Premier Champion to challenge for the Championship. Our inbox quickly filled up but there was one e-mail who caught our attention.


“I want to prove that I am still the best.”


Injuries happen. Life can throw a detour in our plans. But opportunities don’t come by very often.


4 years ago, we believed that Josh Alexander was good enough to receive the opportunity to challenge for the Championship. In 2017, we still believe that he’s just as good. No injury or decision will change that fact.


Soon after winning the Premier Championship, Amasis lost his mask and persona to Frightmare at Chikara Pro. Fans, friends and family were shocked. Amasis changed his persona to Desean Pratt, using his real name and real personality. He may have ended 2016 on a low-note but he vowed to take his career to the next level in 2017.



When we look at Desean Pratt, we see something special. The same type of special that we saw in Lince Dorado, Josh Alexander, Michael Elgin, Maybach Beta…etc. Sure not all of our picks made it to the “big time” but it’s undeniable  that all of those names had something in them that stood out from all of the others.


We’re proud that Desean Pratt is currently representing us as our Premier Champion and there isn’t any question that stops us from believing that he will be in the “big time” sooner rather than later.


Sunday, January 29th – Josh Alexander vs Desean Pratt is hands down the biggest match of 2017. A former Champion returning from a career ending injury with the determination to prove everyone that he’s still the best versus A current Champion who’s destined to prove that he deserves to be a big time player.


In their journey, neither man can afford to lose but only one man can leave as the Premier Champion.




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