Carnaval de Lucha Preview

January 24, 2017

Carnaval de Lucha is this Sunday at Variety Village Gymnasium in Scarborough and we have a full rundown of all the high-flying Lucha Libre action comin’ your way.


4-Way Scramble 

Space Monkey vs “Bubble Gum Princess” Alexia Nicole vs The Hacker vs Argus 

Scramble matches have quickly become a staple of Lucha in the 6 Wrestling. Our unpredictable pairings have delivered some of the best matches of LIT6 Wrestling.

We continue the tradition of strange pairings in Scramble Matches by putting a monkey from space, a bubble gum chewing princess, a computer hacker, and a gecko in the same ring.

Can the mixture of these different species deliver another show stealing performance? It wouldn’t surprise us!


#1 Contendership Match

“Death Machine” Sami Callihan vs “King of the North” Carter Mason

The former Premier Champion, “King of the North” Carter Mason, gets his opportunity to win back the championship but it isn’t going to be easy. This Sunday, he stands across the ring from “Death Machine” Sami Callihan.

A victory for Carter Mason would put him one step closer to regaining the Premier Champion but that’s easier said than done. Defeating the Death Machine is an extremely difficult task as it is, add a #1 Contendership stipulation to the match as you can rest assured that Sami Callihan will be heading into the match seeing red.

The King of the North has gone on the record stating that he will go into the history books not only as the longest ever Premier Champion but also as the man who defeated Sami Callihan in his very first LIT6 match. While he may be confident, our supporters have been posting “Sami’s Going to Kill You”, on every single one of Carter Mason’s social media handles. It’s clear that the former fan favourite has lost the backing of the supporters.

Sami Callihan has kept a low profile after reading Carter Mason’s comments but we have it on good authority that the Death Machine wants to make an example out of him.

Mason’s nagging and constant whining  got him a #1 Contendership Match against “Death Machine” Sami Callihan but can his wrestling ability get him out alive?


3-Way ROYAL Tag Team Championship Match

Super Smash Bros defend against The Fraternity and Silently Loud  

The newly crowd ROYAL Tag Team Champions, EVIL Uno & Stu Grayson (Super Smash Bros), prove to be fighting champions by demanding to defend their titles against two of the best tag teams in LIT6.

The last time Super Smash Bros. and The Fraternity met, at Lucha de los Muertos, they stole the show with an unbelievable match that featured tons of jaw dropping near falls. It took hitting The Frat members with not only their Fatality finisher but with a Punt Piledriver as well to keep them down. Channing Decker and Trent Gibson’s fighting spirit impressed LIT6 booking comity enough to give them an immediate re-match for the ROYAL Tag Team Titles.


If that wasn’t enough, add a brand new tag team to the division, the team of Freddie Mercurio and Qefka the Quiet, Silently Loud, two of LIT6’s biggest fan favourites. Freddie and Qefka have been rockin’ the singles division, there’s no telling how successful these two will be now that they’re in the tag division.

Can the Frat boys kegstand their way into winning their very first Tag Team Championship, or will a Rockstar and a Wrestling Mime prove that opposites attract enough to win gold, or will the fighting Champions stand strong on top of the team team mountain?

This match can only end in pinfall or submission – it won’t end until we determine a decisive winner.


Relaxed Rules Trios Match

Warhed and Fight or Flight vs John Greed and Kickin’ N’ Stompin’

It was at Lucha de los Muertos when John Greed made his return under a clown mask and attacked Desean Pratt after his Premier Championship win. Before Greed could cause any real damage to the new champion, Warhed interrupted and chased the larger man off with a Barbwire Baseball Bat.

While Greed asked for a Premier Championship match at Carnaval de Lucha, the LIT6 booking comity decided that John Greed’s attack should not be rewarded with a title shot. Instead, they gave Warhed and John Greed the opportunity to both choose two tag team partners to compete in a Relaxed Rules Trios Match. Warhed chose his two buddies from Squared Circle Training while John Greed picked Montreal’s most vicious tag team in recent history, Kickin’ N’ Stompin’ to join him.

All of the bad vibes these two created at Lucha de los Muertos will come to a final conclusion. There’s no rules. No count-outs. Just 6 men who will beat each other until one is victorious.


Premier Championship

Desean Pratt defends against “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander 

He won the Premier Championship as Amasis in a Deadly 7 Scramble but he walks into Carnaval de Lucha this Sunday as Desean Pratt, a brand new man who has the world to prove.

Following his big Championship win at Lucha de los Muertos, Amasis lost to Frightmare in a Mask vs Mask Match at Chikara Pro. He was forced to reveal his identity and give up his persona. Amasis decision to change his persona to his real-life name, Desean Pratt, came when he felt that the world deserves to see the real him. Now that he’s starting with a blank canvas, Desean Pratt is determined to rebuild his name and become LIT6’s next big time star. Unfortunately for Desean, his first opponent under his new persona is former 2x Premier Champion, “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander.

Josh Alexander is a 2x Champion but only because he was forced to forfeit the title because of a near career ending neck injury. In 2016, Josh Alexander returned to wrestling, he’s ready to put his career back into full force and his first mission is to win back the Championship that he’s never lost.

This Sunday, the Walking Weapon walks into Variety Village challenging Desean Pratt for the Premier Championship. If you only watch one big-time feel match this year, then THIS is the match you’ll want to see!

Watch all of the high-flying Carnaval de Lucha action, this Sunday at Variety Village Gymnasium, Doors open at 4pm and Bell time is 5pm. Tickets are still available online or in-person.



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